Partners & Support

Anders Capital GMbH (Austria)
Anders Capital is significant investment company specializing in the development of projects in “real sectors” of the economy: manufacturing, energy, construction, development ( Anders Capital has a successful experience in implementing complex technological projects, e.g.:

  1. Ekson Enterprises, Moldova
    Project produces renewable electricity by burning biogas extracted from waste.
    This project is currently working successfully. The profitability of this project is 25-30% per year and has maintained this level for the past 5 years.
    Now this project requires €1.8 million additional investments in equipment. In the future, we are considering the possibility of such investments from the funds of the Fund being created in this project in compliance with the existing level of profitability.
  2. ICOD, Austria
    A law firm that is part of the international group of law firms ICOD, which provides its clients with qualified legal services in the field of civil, commercial, family, administrative, criminal law, including transaction support services, projects, as well as legal outsourcing services.
  3. GTS8 (GREEN LANDSCAPE), Bratislava
    GTS8 s.r.o., in a short time has won an impeccable reputation in the field of landscaping and landdisign.

Finhub International Ltd. (UK)
Finhub International LTD is a young company that have successfully lunched several online projects in the IT sector. One of the biggest and most perspective of the projects that Finhub International have taken part of, is the development of the online platform Finhub ( that connects projects and investors on one revolutionary online trading arena. Investors can allocate funds to any project they like, regardless of their geographical position. Projects that seek investments can attract finances from different investors, and allocate the attracted capital for the growth and development of their business.

Mivold Capital Management Ltd. (UK)
The beneficiaries of Mivold Capital Management Ltd have extensive practical experience in structuring funds. An excellent reputation is helped by the success story of creating profitable funds investing in business: in Bulgaria (waste processing and energy production), France (investment in commercial real estate), as well as in Austria, Croatia and the Czech Republic. The company also owns a legal service with a center in Prague (